Seasons vs Decades: Summer Shoes

Investing in clothing and accessories means spending a bit more on a well made piece that is both a timeless color and timeless silhouette.

The math is rather simple: if one garment costs the same as two cheaper garments, but can be worn 10x as as often, then the first garment is the better value.

I submit for your consideration the following examples:

Investment Shoes: Seasons vs Decades

Both the lace bootie and the wrap heel wedge are a a neutral color, but the silhouettes will look dated in just a few seasons.

The Joie Avery block heel sandal is easily replaces both of them and has a timeless silhouette.

Unlike the the cheapish wedges you’ll be able to rock the higher quality sandal for decades to come.

Yep, decades!

The same is true for the pumps below. Notice that timeless doesn’t have to mean boring. The jewel tone hue and flirty silhouette are precisely what makes this stiletto trend proof!

Investment Shoe: Seasons vs Decades 2

The shoe on the right cost only $4 more than the two on the right. When you factor in cost per wear, the difference in value is staggering.

Don’t get me wrong. There are times when you are better off skimping rather than investing, for example makeup trends. By investing in in one pair of timeless shoes, instead of three trendy ones, you can get shoes you will wear for decades, dabble in three of the moment beauty trends, and still have enough money left over to invest in one timeless lip look.

Investment Shoes: Seasons vs Decades 3


How do you invest or plan to invest in an item that can be worn for three or four decades straight. As always have fun and remember the lines only exist so you can color outside of them.


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