Beauty DIY: Red Lipstick Edition


Because red is the basis of most lip colors a tube of red lipstick is a natural staring point for mixing your own lip colors.

Select a bright shade that is as close to true red as possible. It’s okay to veer a little warmer or cooler, but try to keep it as close to neutral as possible.

Also only do so with a shade that mimics your coloring. In other words: if your on the warmer side don’t pick a blue based red!

Store them individually in clean used eyeshadow or gel liner pots. Or group in color collections in used clean eye shadow palletes.

These are better options than buying new containers for two obvious reasons: they keep cosmetic waste out of landfills and repurposing them saves you money.

Mixing each lip color in the container it’ll end up in also helps to keep the amount of waste down by minimizing the amount of clean up afterwards.

Now for the good stuff:

Using a pallet knife, butter knife or metal cuticle pusher, blend (read “smash”) a piece of red lipstick with a small amount of dark brown and/or eggplant cream liner or cream shadow to create a bold vampy lip color.

Mix a small piece with little white, ivory or silver cream shadow to make pink. Stick to white or silver for cool complexions, but warm complexions can use any of these.

Mix another piece with cream concealer to create a nude shade.

You can vary the ratios of ingredients and remix new shades to create an entire lip wardrobe.

This week I challenge you to make your own lip pallet. You can pick a theme (Festival Season, Pastels, etc.) or you can just go full on mad scientist and just mix ‘em to see what you get. As always, have fun. And remember the lines one exist so you can color outside them!


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